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Zhihu’s number and platform mechanism are also customized by people, and it is also necessary to cultivate feelings


God, I’ll tell you something about Zhihu:

As we all know, the titles of major self-media platforms are serious now.

In fact, the main reason is that the weight of everyone’s account is not enough, which is not recognized by the system.

If our weight is enough, the system will not directly seal the title. It will have a warning, freeze and seal forever. It is a gradual process.

Zhihu is no exception. If you register a new number, you will induce drainage and do some illegal operations when you come up. Who will you seal if you don’t seal it?

The platform mechanism is also customized by people, and it is also necessary to cultivate feelings.

Now I’ll talk about some of Zhihu’s experiences in keeping the number.

There is a very intuitive place to show your weight in Zhihu, Zhihu Salt Value.

It is very similar to the form of Sesame Credit and Paying Points. As many points are reached, there will be privileges. At present, only the salt value can be viewed on mobile devices.

Let’s talk about the five dimensions of salt value:

  1. Basic credit
  2. Content creation
  3. Friendly interaction
  4. Compliance with the Convention
  5. Community interaction
  6. Basic credit

We need to fill in our personal data completely and in detail.

Don’t operate illegally in your personal data, don’t try to leave contact information at the initial stage of keeping the number, and don’t try to drain it before you start doing it.

The new number is drained. This is basically a second seal. The system has no trust in you. When you come up, you will dig people. No one will like it.

The main purpose is to make the system believe that we are active users and real content creators.

  1. Content creation

Zhihu’s own position is a creator’s platform, and his requirements for content are very high. Similarly, if your content quality is high enough, it will speed up his goodwill towards you.

It can be done according to his daily tasks
If you don’t like articles published in the early stage, don’t delete them many times easily. As long as you don’t violate the rules, put them on first. Any platform won’t like users who frequently delete content.
Every day, one original article and three answers will rise quickly, but we must remember that there must be no violations in our answers and articles.
Also, the content of the article must be vertical, and the number of words above 1500 is best.

  1. Friendly interaction

This is to find some content related to the verticality of our content to praise, pay attention and interact.

Looking for us of the same type is to put a label on our account on the system side, and when users search for related content, they will have a chance to push our content.

  1. Compliance with the Convention

This is to ask us to write articles in compliance, and not to violate relevant regulations.

For example, at the beginning, we don’t want to register an account and drain it, don’t say some extreme words in the comment area, and don’t send out products that are banned by the government.

After all, the platform is so big that there will be a lot of chaos without rules and constraints.

In this dimension, the most direct way is to open salt-elected members. After the opening, there will be exclusive customer service, and any problems will be fed back in time, which can avoid some irregularities.

  1. Community construction

This is very interesting, mainly to be a scavenger.

Clean up some discordant contents for Zhihu platform, and report some illegal contents, titles, questions, comments, private messages, etc. Any violation can be reported. It’s enough to report about five a day.

You can take the initiative to look for some sensitive words. For example, after we search, we can go to the comment area to look for bubbling nets to make money. Any comments, answers, contents, titles, etc. that violate relevant regulations can be reported.

Key words: membership, free delivery, wool, abusive and offensive language, etc.

Zhihu is a content creator’s article, which needs a good creation environment, so there is this mechanism.

This is the fastest way for us to increase the salt value in the early stage.

Operate according to the above five dimensions for a period of time, and when the salt value in Zhihu reaches 500, we can apply for an arbitrator.

The arbitrator’s task reward salt value is relatively large, and the arbitrator’s series of tasks are completed every day.

This is an effective way for us to improve the account weight in the medium term.

After the later period, the main way to increase the salt value is to complain, and the salt value will rise slowly later, but complaints will continue to give us points.

Final summary

Doing a project is like building a house. What we have to do is step by step, not building castles in the air. Each platform has its own rules. We need to optimize it step by step according to his rules, so that our project will last for a long time.

Today, I’ll tell you something about keeping the number in Zhihu. Next time, I’ll share some skills of Zhihu drainage.

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