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Don’t trust some money-making projects on the Internet unless those have resources and channels


Recently, I have seen a lot of projects about idle fish and turning around to make money on the Internet. In my spare time, I can use idle fish and turning around these second-hand platforms and second-hand websites, and then there are many video tutorials with daily income and monthly income of over 10,000. I have been playing idle fish to make money for some time. Tell my friends with my experience, don’t trust those online money-making projects.

There are a lot of idle fish projects, which may tell you in the video. Find the source of goods from 1688, find the source of goods from Pinduoduo, and use the platform of salted fish to make a difference.

Some people may tell you to engage in activities, such as a free delivery of goods, and then only charge postage 12 yuan money, and earn postage money in the middle.

Here, I would like to tell my friends that this method is unworkable and has already failed.

Think about it. Wandering and idle fish is a second-hand platform, and you send a brand-new product for sale. Do you think you can sell it?

Are consumers stupid? Now let’s say it’s not nice. Old people in their 60s will use this Pinduoduo and Taobao to shop, and they will shop around.

Many partners told me whether idle fish can make money or not.

Unless those who have resources and channels can receive some special second-hand goods with good quality and low price, and then sell them on idle fish, they can make money.

Which is better, round or idle fish?

I have also sold some things on this platform. Personally, I think that compared with these two platforms, the flow of idle fish will be larger, and then the coverage will be wider, because idle fish is a product owned by Alibaba and supported by Taobao.

I think it’s quite good to turn around. He mainly focuses on electronic products. I think it is easy to sell second-hand mobile phones and used computers, which I have sold on, earning 1,000 yuan on average in a few days. Later, when this thing was sold too much, it was restricted.

What do you mean?

That is to say, if I sell my idle things, as long as the price is reasonable and cheap, I can basically sell the products in two or three days. Once a long time has passed, I will sell more things, even if your things are the same as others, the price is lower than others, but you just can’t sell them.

At the beginning, there were thousands of product page views, but after a period of publishing, the page views were only tens of 100. I believe many people have encountered this problem.

About after-sales of idle fish?

This after-sales system is not perfect. I feel that after all, the platform of idle fish, which is owned by Taobao, is not very friendly to the seller and is somewhat biased towards the buyer.

I have been to the idle fish court several times. It is clear that there is no problem with the product. It is my fault that the platform still judges. I am also speechless

There are a lot of routines on the platform of idle fish, and the water is deep. I suggest that both novice buyers and old buyers try to find some shops with good credit to buy things. In this way, if there are bad reviews in the evaluation of idle fish, it cannot be deleted. Unlike Taobao, which directly removes the middle/bad reviews.

Dear friends, you can have a look at the free fish post bar. There are many cases and learning about dry goods.

Generally speaking, which is better, I still say that the two platforms are still a good platform. They have their own advantages and disadvantages, and there is no easy writing. The second-hand idle trading platform is just an intermediary, which mainly helps you maximize the trading value of some idle goods in your life.

Whether you can earn money from idle fish depends on your own ability, and what you earn is poor information.

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