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How to use WeChat WeChat official account for drainage?


How to use WeChat WeChat official account for drainage? Only fans can reflect the value of a WeChat official account

When it comes to wechat WeChat official account drainage, it is something that many small partners who operate WeChat official account have to experience. Drainage is a way to increase fans for WeChat official account. Fans are the core of wechat WeChat official account. No matter whether it is WeChat official account or WeChat official account, fans will be valuable. In fact, to put it bluntly, there are not many fans in WeChat official account. Depending on your drainage method, each small partner has his own drainage method, which is not good or bad, only suitable for his own WeChat official account method.
First, a good name automatically rises powder
A good name can automatically powder? I didn’t believe it at first.

Running a WeChat official account is the same as running a brand. The first thing is to need a good name. There are many methods and skills about brand naming, but there are some differences in WeChat official account.

I found that 90% of the practitioners in WeChat official account didn’t pay enough attention to names, and I didn’t pay much attention to them at first, until I realized the benefits and explosive power brought by a name, I completely changed.

  1. A good name can quickly circle the crowd

With limited resources and capabilities, we can’t serve everyone, so we can only concentrate on serving the specific needs of specific people.
A good name can filter out some users who are not our target group, and those who are curious to see this name are our target users. The first step is to lock them.

For example, if you want to attract single people, you may be called “single dog”. Besides hitting their pain points through content, you can also set up a corresponding platform for making friends. If you want to attract lovers, especially boys, you may call it “Love Routine”. Besides teaching straight men how to fall in love, you can also offer corresponding love courses.

In short, if your name does not directly reflect the crowd, it should also reflect who is more suitable for attention.

Second, the use of original functions

Original statement protection function, which is both an umbrella and a new secret weapon. It was born in WeChat official, which is an opportunity to effectively protect the rights and interests of original authors, improve the enthusiasm of original content producers and curb plagiarism.

With the opening of original protection, all original articles published in WeChat official account can be set with original logo. When another WeChat official account reprints one of our original articles, the WeChat official account source of the reprinted article will be automatically brought at the bottom of the article in WeChat official account, and you can jump to our WeChat official account attention page by clicking on the source directly. Through the exposure of another number, attracting potential readers to enter the original number through the source at the bottom, and becoming a new attention fan is the secret of original function powder absorption. This way of sucking powder doesn’t cost money at all, and the new fans are accurate, high-quality and excellent in effect.

Third, peers push each other

The so-called peer-to-peer push, in fact, is a bit like business mutual praise, and this drainage method has certain requirements for the fans’ attention of WeChat WeChat official account generation operation itself. And if you want to push each other, you usually have to build on the basis that you have a certain number of fans. Therefore, if others are willing to exchange resources with you and have no fan base, no one is willing to push each other with you.

Second, cooperate with WeChat WeChat official account with large traffic

Generally speaking, large-scale cooperation with WeChat WeChat official account is one of the means that many WeChat WeChat official account generation operation teams will adopt. The main selection targets are WeChat official account, which is biased towards big brands, or WeChat official account, online celebrity. However, no matter what number it is, its fans’ attention and traffic are gratifying. Cooperation with these WeChat WeChat official account with large traffic can quickly obtain accurate customers and quickly attract effective traffic.

Fourth, use the media and the community

Self-media and community are two rare content distribution platforms, and their great compatibility enables various kinds of content to be displayed and disseminated. Mining and using the media/community to promote the content can expand the target audience, improve the popularity of WeChat official account, attract the users in the platform and become our fans.

At present, the promotion of WeChat WeChat official account content in self-media platforms and communities is mainly based on article publishing. Like some self-media platforms, you can try it, such as Today Headline, Zhihu, Sohu, Xiaohongshu, Jianshu, Baijiahao, etc.

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