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Realizing from the media and realizing the five major routines on the Internet


The topic of realizing cash has been enduring. From high school students to old men, everyone talks about realizing cash. However, how many people really realize cash? You have to know how to use it. Now there are so many opportunities to realize cash and bonus hunter. Today, I will take you to have a good understanding.

Last time, I said that I would analyze the realization routine for everyone, but now I have finally filled in the pit. Now I will analyze it in detail from the aspects of self-media realization, Taobao alliance realization, idle fish earning difference, contribution realization and bonus hunter project.

The first point: realizing from the media

Since the media, I am divided into two sections: graphics and video. The realization of graphics and text mainly depends on advertising traffic, that is, platform traffic subsidies. The main source is the reading volume of content. I don’t need to say more about this, I know how to understand it naturally, and I also want to receive advertising soft text. Advertising also depends on your account. If your account doesn’t get up, then advertising can’t be picked up naturally. In the early stage, your main purpose is to build your account. For the content of account creation, you can read other articles.

The same is true for videos. In the early stage, the number should be raised first. When your traffic reaches a certain level, the mainstream video platform is to plug in soft and wide, plug in product links, and then do courses. Now most platforms have paid courses, such as headlines, Zhihu, etc. The short video platform is to open a product window, and the goods you put should be the ones with higher cost performance. Now, books should be sold well.

The second point: Taobao Alliance

Taobao alliance docking is Taobao, earning Taobao’s commodity commission, which is generated through the link you share with others and then purchase. Taobao alliance is divided into three grades: junior, intermediate and advanced, and the commission of each grade is different. You can operate it after a month. There are several ways to play this kind of game.

Long term:

At present, it is used to record the out-of-box video of bonus hunter, deliver the video on some platforms with relatively high traffic, and then attract users to join the group and send preferential links every day. However, this method is generally operated by a team, and it will be more difficult for one person. You can often see that some people on platforms such as Weibo or Zhihu have reported that they have bought some preferential products, which is to attract users to earn Taobao commissions.

Short term:

The short-term is double eleven, double twelve, etc. to do marketing activities, and now the following two are used more

  1. Super red envelope

Super red envelope means that you only need to send the red envelope to the user, and then the user uses the red envelope during the double eleventh, and you will get a commission. This red envelope belongs to taobao guest, that is, your own, which is not available on the official page, so it can be sent to many people and collected every day.

  1. Pre-sale unlocking blessing bags

This kind of official play is also very good, that is, if you give your link to the user and then pay the deposit on the page, what’s the advantage? If you pay the deposit on your page, there will be a final coupon and a gift, which will make the user’s order more favorable, and then you earn a commission, killing two birds with one stone.

The third point: idle fish earn the difference

You should have seen this in many places, that is, using poor information to resell commodities. For example, the same commodity has different prices on Taobao and Pinduoduo. You only need to post it on idle fish, and then someone can place an order on the online shopping platform after purchasing it.

The fourth point: the submission is realized

Articles can also be submitted. Nowadays, many places can submit articles. If your writing is good enough, there will be a great chance of manuscript delivery. Now the manuscript fee is generally around 100-300. If you look at the platform, you can also record audio to realize it. With the development of short videos, many places now need this kind of audio content.

Fifth point: bonus hunter

Some time ago, it took a pig to take a taxi, and it cost three dollars for a new person to register. Therefore, during that time, some people were crazy to forward links, and bonus hunter was short-term. Now Didi has an activity to help find cats with cash-filled red envelopes. As long as there are four people to help you, it will be 9.9, and then you can withdraw cash when you go to 10 yuan. The more people you find, the greater the amount will be. This is actually a fission marketing model for them, with the purpose of pulling new ones. Now this activity is gone.

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