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How to avoid the risks of online entrepreneurship.


Do you have a cheap and stable source of goods

Nowadays, the biggest feature of online transactions is that buyers can pick out cheap and good things. So, for entrepreneurs, do you have cheap goods channels? So, what are you going to sell? This is what entrepreneurs need to analyze. At present, from the perspective of products traded on the Internet, clothing, communication equipment and products are popular products, while handicrafts and health products also have certain consumers. It can be seen from the products traded, one is the products with very cheap price compared with the equivalent products under the net, such as mobile phones. Computers, etc.; The other is the products that are not common or never circulated in the market under the net, such as various discount tickets and unique ornaments.
Even houses and so on.

Most shopkeepers who have started businesses on the Internet have a fixed goods channel, and some of them are well-known clothing brands. Some people already have a fixed shop under the net, and others go to Hong Kong to purchase goods. Therefore, entrepreneurs should not only learn how to surf the Internet and log in, but also consider their own strength and ability. If entrepreneurs think that online is just to move the common products from offline to online, it will only bring risks to their own business.

(2) Learn to make an offer

A shopkeeper once sold two mobile phones online, and the price she offered was three or four hundred yuan cheaper than the offline price, and she also gave a recharge card. But after half a month’s suspension, there was no bid from the buyer. Later, I carefully looked for the reasons, and found that her bid was still too high. In addition, she lost the opportunity because she didn’t match the photos and compelling titles of the products. Therefore, it is very important for shopkeepers to learn how to make an offer. Because online products are actually sold in the form of auction, that is, the seller offers a price, and then each buyer increases the price until the transaction is completed. Therefore, the price offered by sellers is not the price they want to sell, but the price is cheaper, and then the price is auctioned by popularity. Therefore, your description and positioning of the goods must be attractive, so as to increase the click-through rate, gather popularity and attract long-term customers for your small shop.

(3) Be courageous
Of course, online is not so simple, and it also tests the courage of shopkeepers. Entrepreneurs can’t make any money if they think that they will be fine if they log their products on the Internet. First of all, how do you let buyers know about your online shop? The best way is to advertise. There is a shopkeeper who has been advertising products and shops on the front page for several months, and the daily advertising cost of hundreds of yuan has become a big investment. If entrepreneurs advertise, they must choose beautiful advertising language, so as to attract attention. Secondly, do you have the courage to “eat” when faced with the opportunity to make money? Courage is needed both online and offline. A shop owner once bought out a batch of backpacks with each value of 30 yuan on the Internet in one go, not for exclusive monopoly, but for an advertisement: “Buy fashionable backpacks for XXX”. Because this backpack is so popular, the goods in her shop are sold out. In fact, the behavior of shopkeepers requires great courage. Entrepreneurs will lose the opportunity to make money if they don’t have courage. Of course, such opportunities are full of risks.

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