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In fact, the most important thing to make money on the Internet is the thinking of making money


To make money is to work continuously and repeatedly, repeating every day. In the Internet age, if you are not a fool, you can make money.

However, there are too many people doing things. They took the initiative in the first three days, and then MoMo came out. We must get rid of this kind of temperament.

For example, after one of my classmates graduated n years ago, I accidentally added a paid community marketing.

At that time, the wechat group owner strongly recommended a mobile phone software for sending messages by wechat group at a price of over one hundred.

At that time, the salary of the students was not high. In order to reduce the cost better, they ran to Taobao and spent 80 yuan to buy the mobile phone software and registration machine.

Then he ran to the group and said: The mobile phone software strongly recommended by the WeChat group owner is very good, and I used it to be very easy to use! If there are friends in the group who want to think about it, I have a unique way here. You can get it for 50 yuan!

After all, it is a paying group. Everyone has a strong concept of paying, which is a simple sentence. As a result, more than 200 people in the group are looking for classmates to buy mobile phone software. In other words, he spent several hundred yuan and finally earned him 10,000 yuan.

The experience of selling mobile phone software made the students know a lot of technical friends, so that after the group of voice live assistants were especially hot, he easily received professional technicians to help him develop products. In order to improve the efficiency, and many people didn’t understand the new products, he adjusted the machines and equipment and immediately sold them to customers with requirements.

Because many boss’s resources have been accumulated in the past, his machinery and equipment quickly went into the hot sale situation, and he must spend three fifths of his time packing and delivering goods every day! This new project finally brought them a net profit of 500,000 yuan.

After that, after the outbreak of social marketing, he let the technical gods study the live code technology of WeChat group, and made him fission a WeChat WeChat official account with millions of fans.

After that, the standard kept changing, fearing the risk, and finally which WeChat WeChat official account was sold by him for 2 million yuan.

Life is like that, sometimes you have to believe in your life! I always feel that in the dark, there are many billions not earned, so I chose never to give up!

This is virtual product, which can be example tutorial, special lecture, audio, video, text and picture.

Some courses are very profitable. I saw that the course content of a website with a price of 199 yuan sold more than 10,000 copies a month, and the income was more than 2 million yuan! Some people have just started to talk nonsense here, saying that they don’t understand anything, how to call others, then share what with others! For example, you can spend 199 yuan to buy other people’s goods!

Because of the high wealth hidden in everyone in the Internet age, only everyone suffers from the limitation of their own logical thinking, and the safe passage of wealth manifestation becomes unsmooth.

In the Internet age, everyone must subdivide the industry of foundation pit excavation and package unique use value. Everyone is a lovable life. According to Internet technology, everyone will know how to mix society, how to do new projects and how to make money.

Ideas have changed, everything has changed, and making real money is logical thinking, idea and consciousness.

Everything has a way, such as a dream bubble, such as dew and electricity, so we should look at it!

In fact, the most important thing to make money on the Internet is the thinking of making money

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