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The way to start a business in a film and television station is not good


Recently, a friend who has just worked as a film and television station for a month has received video infringing emails, and another webmaster who has worked as a film and television station has received infringing emails. The frequency of online content infringement is getting higher and higher, and some of them specialize in infringing business. It can only be said that the way to start a business in a film and television station is not easy to do. The webmaster of Tucao, this new station has only been on the line for one month, and the video materials inside have just been transmitted. Now it is found by the film company. And asked to delete the source of the film, copyright has always been a matter of heavy purchase and great efforts to make infringement complaints on the video platform. The threshold that the film and television station can’t get around is the hard threshold of this copyright. No wonder all major video stations have experienced long-term losses and the cost of copyright. If you don’t pay attention to it, you will be pirated, and the money you buy copyright in the end may not be recovered.
This friend revealed that it was discovered in a month, which is actually related to the uploaded resources. Some popular resources, copyright owners are also the key maintenance. The reasons for receiving deleted emails are similar to those of other film and television stations. Some popular movie resources were collected and put on the website, which were provided to users for free viewing. Because the film company reduced its revenue, including cinemas and online paid videos, it found me. Moreover, for a new station, search keywords may not be found and included.

Most people are doing online entrepreneurial projects, selling advertisements through traffic. The big ones have a head platform, the small ones have a webmaster like this, making a content platform, pictures and videos, all doing is attracting popularity, and then the advertisements are realized. Relatively speaking, the traffic growth of film and television stations is faster than that of blogs and forums. As long as there are enough resources, fast access, and proper use of promotion and SEO, traffic will come up. If there is traffic, you will earn advertising revenue by lying down, such as picking up network products by yourself, or accessing network alliance, or other businesses with demand traffic. But now it’s different. It’s hard to get out of this mode because it’s based on the problem of coincidence or infringement. Film companies have professional legal rights protection teams to deal with online infringement, and now public opinion monitoring systems have been commercialized. Large companies can quickly find out where their early warning content is sent and quickly adopt public relations methods! If a certain amount of traffic is made, it will be easier to be found. Please refer to the results of fast broadcast.

There is also a website operator who shared that the previously operated film and television station can’t do it after being attacked by the server. Although it has not done this now, it also gives some suggestions to the brothers who insist on taking this road: 1. Don’t leave contact information, 2. Use overseas hosts, 3. Don’t store movies on the host. Download links are not provided, and play online is not provided. 4. Friendly reminder statement: All the contents of this station come from the network, if there are any. 5. If you grow up, you will die.

Fortunately, this friend only received a notice of deletion, not a lawsuit, which is lucky. If the video platform is used, I am afraid that I will directly sue. Friends with ideas can watch the news online. The domestic crackdown on copyright issues is strong, so we must have copyright awareness to avoid losing money because of small mistakes. Common copyright places: film and television, music, pictures, novels, self-media articles …

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