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There are 2 processes for making money on the Internet, and the drainage method sells goods


Of China’s 1.3 billion people, 90% are actually poor, 9% are the middle class, and 1% are the rich. Why are there many fields that are difficult to do? In fact, it is not that the market can’t do it. It is just that the market has been ruined, or a few are dominant. Why does the first situation appear because most people are poor, and why are poor people poor because they are poor in logical thinking and poor in action?

To earn money, we need to keep up with the times. Nowadays, Internet technology has been integrated with traditional operation mode and even an innovative operation mode.

Nowadays, with the covering of Internet technology, basically everyone can’t live without the Internet, and the Internet has become an area to make money, such as publishing advertisements. For example, you have been staying at the homepage of Li Yi Bar of Baidu Post Bar for one day, covering nearly 10,000 people every day, which is invincible for offline promotion.

There are two processes to make money on the Internet. The drainage method sells goods, and there are various ways to lead the total traffic, such as community forum series products, Baidu Post Bar and Tianya. In fact, Baidu search series products also have a drainage method, such as Baidu reading app, which contains a lot of paid novels. Readers can better distinguish whether this book is worth it! Pay for a look. They will take a look at the evaluation first. At this time, you will be able to comment again, add your advertising, or leave a contact number that likes you. If the published amount is large, hundreds of total traffic (total traffic is people flow is people) will be stable.

There are many internet products, and the profits are very big. For example, a new project of making money by gift voting, this new project is, you find a kindergarten to cooperate, or find some colleges to cooperate, and hold a theme activity of what is the most beautiful, which is the most intelligent and which is the most powerful, so that everyone can vote online, and you can get what you want with the most votes. For example, getting an iPhone is an attractive gift. The profit point is online voting. Tickets can be bought with money. If you want your children and your girlfriend to become the first in this theme activity, you have to take money to brush it. It is not uncommon for a theme activity to collect tens of thousands of yuan.

I know that an old farmer is in his 60 s. This old brother is very interested in Internet technology. He has learned some logical thinking of Internet technology and how to do new projects with Internet technology, but he only copies the logical thinking of Internet technology to sell his native products. For me, I hate that kind of goods. He told me that everyone is not a person of a period. Although he can understand Internet marketing, he still loves to do the work of farmers.

Internet entrepreneurship must create its own total traffic system software, that is, everyone must learn how to train the total traffic system software every day. My view on how to create the media platform system software is very simple. Look for a great god and see where she is. I am also in total traffic. Everyone must always think about their own advertising and total traffic problems. When we think about this problem all the time, two years later, everyone will produce it, and the same industry will understand it with a word.

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