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One thousand yuan a day, this information is poor to make money projects


Poor information makes money, which is basically a friend who wants to do sideline business. What is poor information? In fact, to be clear, what others don’t know, you know, it costs money to know from you.

Say so, but there are still many friends who feel that they have no special resources, so there is no way to do these small businesses, and there is no way to make money by poor information.

So how should we find the information gap? To find these small resources around you that can make money?

First, pay attention to the things around you

Nowadays people are under great pressure to go to work, so it is very important to release the pressure. Now, all kinds of contents on the Internet really provide us with too many channels to release pressure.

For example, short videos, games, etc. We are ordinary people, and everyone is the same. Just like videos that we find interesting and useful sometimes, others will find them interesting and useful. Don’t doubt this.

Because today’s big data push is very powerful, things that you don’t think are interesting won’t be pushed to you at all, and people who see the same video as you have the same probability and interest at your level. And the opportunity to make money by observing these interesting things is around us.

For example, when we watch some interesting UP masters, such as the half Buddha immortal, there are many expression packs in his videos, and this really makes many people feel very funny. And this may be a small business opportunity for us.

This small business opportunity is naturally selling emoticons. As for whether there is a market for this thing, we can take a look at the following picture first.

We can see that this expression pack still has a lot of sales on idle fish, and 5.88 can also have so many people’s needs. What do we need to pay for such a small project? It’s just a little time to collect emoticons.

The rest can be said to be equivalent to lying down and waiting for customers to come to the door, which is basically a profitable thing. Finally, I forgot to say that the above two expression packs are owned by one person, that is to say, he may have spent one day bringing him about 1,000 yuan in profits, and the follow-up will also bring a steady stream of profits.

Second, the two traffickers who cut off money

In addition to the above cases, we also have many ways and means to find resources and small opportunities that can make money, such as many hot spots and some demand points that we usually see.

The simplest thing is the hot spot about Mars before. Many people want to know what they want to do, but they can’t do it, so they will leave a message under the video to see if they can make a bubble net profit. At this time, you will go up and comment on what you can do.

Finally, someone added your contact information, and if you can do it yourself, if you can’t do it yourself, then you can find someone who can do it, and then you can quote others at a higher price. As long as you leave a message under each video on each platform, and then dock it.

Of course, this way is not limited to a certain hot spot. It can also be courses, materials or documents that some people need. Find them, talk to them privately, find resources and sell them.

This is the logic that we usually earn some pocket money with poor information, which is characterized by finding demand and providing something to solve it.


In fact, there are a lot of little things around us that we don’t pay attention to. This thing may have no effect in your opinion, but it may be something urgently needed for others. We couldn’t contact each other before, but now the Internet has given us too much convenience, so that we can show what we don’t need to the eyes of those who need it.

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